Autor: Nick Payne
Editura: FSG Adult
Anul: 2014
ISBN: 9780865477711
Pagini: 94
Limba: Engleză
Categorie: Ficţiune/Roman.



Recenzie de Dr. Ioana Cosma

The play is written in a non-linear, non-chronological fashion, managing, at the same time, to remain fully coherent and expressive. It is based on the possible world theory that everything we think, do, might enact or might become is kept intact in a multitude of possible worlds which, even though they might not be accessible to us in a direct, traditional fashion, exist nonetheless in the multiverse. This tenet is in correspondence with quantum physics idea that all quantum measurements in the “real” world are physically measurable in some other (possible) world. The genius of Nick Payne is that of short-circuiting the so-far neat boundaries among these worlds and making us witness their encounter. The effect on the actual writing of the play is rightly game-changing. The plot revolves around a couple – Marianne and Roland – and their at times bumpy love story. She is a researcher in quantum mechanics and he is a beekeeper. After a first failed encounter, the two meet in different other contexts up till the moment they are finally together. From then on, we see their relationship evolve to intimacy and tenderness, through other separations, other lovers or stories, up till the climactic moment when Marianne learns she is fatally ill – brain cancer. The two will opt together – not without Roland’s misgivings – for assisted suicide. However, this is not the last scene of the play. The play ends in one of the moments when they are brought back together.


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